Creative Explorer by Choice…

  • Name: Pranab Ganguly
  • Contact: , +91 9620 360720
  • Current Career Profile
    1) Head Producer (Studio 33) 
    2) Freelance Director & Video Editor 
  • Key Skills: Scripting, Visualization, Direction, Cinematography & Video Editing
  • Specialization: Corporate Films, Documentaries, Ad Films, Music Videos, Interviews, Online Films, Animation Films and TV Programs
  • Industry: Audio-Visual Production 
  • Experience: 8 + years 
  • Clients: Intel, Accenture, Tesco, Cisco, Wipro, HP, Vodafone, Dibella, Britannia, Unilever, Moog, TCS, Dell, Govt. of Karnataka, Microsoft, Infosys
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  • Cover Letter: Download Cover Letter
It’s Me:  Moving images have always fascinated me, especially using moving images to tell a story. I believe that great ideas shouldn’t only remain as great ideas! They should be lived, felt and realized. And that’s exactly what I have tried to achieve in my career as a copywriter, then as a television producer and now as the head producer of a production house.
But advertising has always been my first-love. I have spent a fruitful year in advertising, burning the midnight oil and scribbling ideas on blank pages. Thinking, scribbling and visualizing them in my head before planting them successfully into my clients’! For me the playing fields have changed over the last 6 years, but these basic tenets of professional life hasn’t…!
Borrowing few pages from my ad experience, let me define myself succinctly. My tag-line, If I have to create one, is “versatility that you can depend on.” Living my dream and trying to earn my bread and butter, I have utilized my education and experience in different aspects of production – starting with advertisements, then moving onto producing news, infotainment programs and promos for my channel and now, as a team-lead, in diverse audio-visual projects – primarily corporate films and documentaries.
I have always tried to play multiple roles of a visualizer, writer, director and also involve myself with the other crucial aspects of production-namely cinematography, editing, graphic designing and promotions. For me ‘deadlines’ are sacrosanct, ‘quality’ non-negotiable and ‘jack of all trades’ is not a sign of confusion but versatility.